Drink of the Week: Kerouac’s Margarita

Here’s to the weekend


Hello weekend. Later on worries.

The weekend is on us and, if you’re part of sane society, there’s no better way to start off our brief respite from the demanding world with anything other than a belt of your favorite. I was in Florida a couple weeks ago and a friend, Jack, built some sweet margaritas each night, not the snowcone imposters that should be served in virgin style for kids at 7-11, but real on-the-rocks margaritas. And I can’t get them out of my head.

Apparently Jack Kerouac couldn’t either. Kerouac penned some great books, including his hit On The Road (1955). It’s said that he developed a fondness for margaritas on a night when he suddenly realized that he had signed up and become a member of three branches of the armed services. He got ripped up in Boston, passed out at a seaman’s bar and woke on a ship headed to Greenland with nothing more in his possession than a duffel, a host of books, and a sharkbite of a hangover. Later he spent a lot of time in Mexico and learned what a good margarita is made of. His concoction consisted of this:

1 1/2 oz. silver tequila

1 oz. Cointreau

1/2 oz. lime juice

Course salt

Lime wedge

Kerouac made a good drink but I’ve got to keep it simpleā€”supplies in rural Montana are anything but abundant. My friend in Florida likes to add a variety of ingredients to his margaritas, including kumquats, rosemary, lemon leaves and lime slices. Here’s a margarita that you can put together with things you already have in your fridge. If, in the end, it disappoints, throw all the ingredients out and just poor a shot of the tequila. Suck it down, suck on a lime, poor another.




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