Loop’s Metalhead DVD

A Major Steelhead Adventure
I┬ácan’t recall another type of fish that offers so many variables when pursuing them. With steelhed, you never know for sure if the fish have arrived from their saltwater existence to their freshwater natal birthplaces; you may not be able to find them if river conditions are blown out; it’s reported that steelhead don’t even eat when they are in freshwater, so how do you entice one to bite?; and the best populations of this awesome gamefish swim in far-off waters that are difficult to reach. Steelhead, in most places, aren’t a game for half-hearted anglers, especially when you consider fishing for them in British Columbia and Alaska.

That’s where the boys from the Angling Exploration Group went to film Metalhead, another prime video in a series that ranges from Argentina to Mongolia, British Columbia and beyond. If you are a steelhead freak, or if you’re interested in steelhead but don’t know if you really want to throw all-in, you need this video in your DVD quiver.

From the start this expedition takes on epic proportions with special boats being built, rafts being customized and difficult border crossings into Canada clouding the entire trip. And, in an honest fashion that I really appreciate, the boys don’t catch a steelhead in the first 10 days of the trip, this after depicting all the research they completed prior to setting off on their adventure. That is the thing with steelhead: Beware that there are moments when you feel like you may not catch another steelhead in your life and angling faith and dillegence becomes mental warfare. But the boys do find them and the Spey rod and single-hand scenes are great.

Part of the appeal of this flick is that some of us may never reach the places that the Angling Exploration Group goes and we’ll have to live vicariously through them. If that’s the case for you (meaning you have more responsibility and self-control than some of us, including yours truly) you’ll absolutely love this adventure/documentary.

Ok, there’s your prompt. Contact www.flyfishingfilmtour.com/blog/tbd/ or order direct from LOOP, the adventure’s main sponsor, which also provided most of the gear for the trip, at www.looptacklestore.com

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