Alaska Wrap-Up

Back from Alaska, reluctantly, I must admit. But back, nonetheless.

I expect to take Tate and her sister, Myka, on more trips like the one we just enjoyed, but there’s no reason I can’t call this recent trip to Juneau, a trip of a lifetime. We saw whales bubble feeding, massive glaciers, sockeye salmon spawning, icebergs, eagles, porcupines, and a variety of other interesting wildlife. And Tate caught four of the five varieties of Pacific salmon, including chum, pink, coho and kings. She also caught a handful of tom cod. We failed to get her a halibut, but that leaves us something to look forward to next time. Tate was able to tour the state capital and ride in a tram high above the city. She helped pull king and Dungeness crab pots and chowed down on our homemade king crab wontons one night. She made new friends, stomped around in her Xtra Tuffs (the Alaskan slipper) and was full entertainment and an easy photo subject. Here are a few more images from the trip. Look for a full-length feature and more original shots in an upcoming issue of Fly Rod & Reel.

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