Fly Fishing for Yellow Perch in Lake Washington

The overlooked option on Lake Washington

If you’re in the Seattle area visiting, or if you live in Seattle and have a few hours to burn, you might want to grab a two, three or four-weight and head to Lake Washington where you never know what you might catch.

I’ve fished Lake Washington for most of my life and caught kings and sockeye salmon, rainbow trout, largemouth bass and tons of yellow perch. The perch bite is on right now and I spent some time a couple weeks ago casting off a friend’s dock, having a blasst hauling in some bad-ass little yellows with nothing more complicated than a little sea-run cutthroat minnow fly. I would guess that Hare’s Ears and Pheasant Tails, damsel imitations and water beetles would have worked, too.

This is straight-forward fishing. Cast out, let it sink and strip slowly in. Lots of fun for the kids, too. Great way to get them interested in the sport. Here are some pics from my recent visit to Lake Washington.

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