The World’s Greatest Fly Fishing Bars

Hookers, Painkillers, and Soggy Dollars. Must be fishing and drinking wrapped into one.

Yellowdog Fly Fishing Adventures just came out with their new, wet off the presses catalogue and it’s worth getting your hands on one whether you can afford a trip or not. There are some good reads in the catalogue this year and one of the best is YD’s listing of their Top 10 Bars in the world.

Owners Jim Klug and Ian Davis were kind enough to allow me to reprint a little about those bars here and I hope it’s incentive for you to order a catalogue for yourself and check out all the killer destinations and the killer deals and the killer bar scenes you’ll find around the globe.

Ok, if you want a catalogue you can request one from the Yellowdog site, or you can request one by mail, at 213 South Wilson Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715. Or call 888-777-5060. You don’t have to be a client who’s going to buy a trip tomorrow. These boys (and the girls who work for them, too) are cool. They want you to be excited about fly fishing whether you book a trip or not and this catalogue definitely gets the juices flowing.

Ok, here are a few of their favorite bars. Get the catalogue to get the rest.

Bar Name:  Blue Marlin Bar
Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
About: This world famous bar, open 24 hours a day, is filled with bluewater angling history. The only drawback is that it’s also filled with over-aggressive prostitutes from all over Latin America. Once you get past that, it’s a pretty good place to drink!
If You’re There, You’re Drinking: A $30 rum drink that the hooker sitting on your lap just ordered.

Bar Name:  Donkey’s (Donghy’s) Bar

Location: Rio Pico, Argentina

About: Forget being the only bar in town, this is the only bar in the entire region! If it feels like you’re drinking in someone’s house, it’s because you are. A hard-core Gaucho bar, where fly fishermen are always welcome.
If You’re There, You’re Drinking: Fernet Branca (“the Liquor of Hades”) and giant bottles of Schneider Beer.


Bar Name:  The Soggy Dollar Bar
Location: Jost Van Dyke – British Virgin Islands
About: The name of the bar is derived from the fact that many people swim ashore from their boats, thus buying their drinks with soggy dollars. Pound a few rum drinks and then cross the island to wade fish the flat between Big and Little Jost Van Dyke.
If You’re There, You’re Drinking: Painkiller.

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2 Responses to The World’s Greatest Fly Fishing Bars

  1. PBR says:

    New to the area and I know you have some history here! Any good advice for bars in the Wood River valley!

    BWO are alive in sage the country!


    • Greg Thomas says:

      Bars in the SV area. Lefty’s was always a great local beer drinking spot. I loved going to the Pioneer for cocktails before dinner. Grumpy’s is good for a fowl burger and an afternoon beer. Sushi on Sixth was great for taking a date and drinking some sake. Can’t go wrong.

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