Image of The Week: Belize Tarpon

Belize Tarpon at Turneffe Flats

The snow is melting from my yard as I write this, but the wind is howling and the temperature reads 39 degrees. It may be spring in many places but it’s still winter in Ennis, Montana.

So, I was doing a little daydreaming this morning, thinking about shorts and sandals and warm tropic breezes. And TARPON!

Fetched this slide, which I shot on a trip to Belize, and thought you might enjoy. What I particularly enjoy about this shot is the mass of the tarpon. I think that is accentuated by not being able to see all of this fish. The thing looks as big as the angler and that provides and level of intimidation. A non-fisher might say, That dude is way crazy to hold that thing!

In reality, this fish was estimated to weigh 125 pounds and it was taken during August when Belize and the Turneffe Flats area sees a big-time migration of giant tarpon. If you can handle the heat August is a good time to be in Belize for these guys. No pressure. Big tarpon on bright flies. Awesome.

Releasing a big guy.



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