Spring at Varney Bridge

Madison River rainbows at Varney Bridge.

As access points go, Varney Bridge on the Madison River is likely one of the most heavily used in the state. That doesn’t mean there aren’t good fish to be found in the area nearly all year long. But, in the eight years I’ve lived in Ennis, Montana and fished the Madison regularly, my best months have been March and April.

Right now the rainbows are on the move with many fish, likely, moving out of Ennis Lake and into the river with intentions to spawn. They aren’t spawning yet and that is the time you want to target them. In fact, currently, there is a decent midge hatch coming off each day and the fish are scarfing up flashback pheasant-tails, serendipities, zebra midges and other size-16 and 18 midge imitations. They aren’t too big on the egg right now, but that will change in a a few weeks.

Solid fish.

I hit the water on Wednesday, late, for a couple hours. Mostly, I wanted to get some excercize for the dog I’m caring for, Boone, who belongs to Jim Klug and is a mainstay at the Yellowdog Fly Fishing Adventures office in Bozeman, Mont. Thought you would enjoy the pics, incentive to get out there this weekend.

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