Eastern Idaho Carp Classic 7

Big fun, big fish on Idaho’s Blackfoot Reservoir.

Wanted to let all of you know that an event is taking place in eastern Idaho that shouts-out to all who love warmwater fishing and carp.

Having recently landed my first carp on the fly, this event is more appealing than ever, although each year I’ve said, “I’m going to this year’s carp classic,” and then the dates pass and I’m still in Montana or elsewhere. If I can swing it this will be the year looking for a 20-pounder.

There’s more to it than the fishing. This sounds like one great party with likeminded fly fishers in abundance. Fish hard by day, party down at night. What more could you ask for? How about this: a reason to go.

This year proceeds from the event will be donated to guide Ooley Piram, a ledgend guide on the Herny’s Fork and surrounding waters. Donations will help cover surgery on his failing hip socket and allow him to continue guiding and building custom wooden drift boats and the trailers to haul them.

If you want to go, here’s all the information you need.

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