Image of The Week: Hello Nasty

I’ve had my nose in the air for a while and wouldn’t listen to people telling me I should throw for carp. But that’s kindof what I did a couple weeks ago when I fished the Missouri River and didn’t get a bump from a trout.

Not that that’s bad. I was fishing in a section where you either get them because they are on their spawning runs or you don’t get them at all. I didn’t get them at all but I could see masses of black shapes in a near deadwater section and there was no reason not to throw. Of course they turned out to be carp. But they weren’t easy.

I finally manged one fish, but that was after throwing for an hour or two. I hooked three overall, but only got the one to shore. I was shooting self-timers of me and that fish when I heard a man say, “You’re taking pictures of that fish.”

I said, “Yea, they’re pretty cool and fight like crazy.”

The man’s son stepped forward and said, “Those things have infested the ponds in Three Forks. I shoot the shit out of them. And if I had a gun in the car I’d destroy those, too.”

Hmm. Bad day in the trailer park.

Anyway, did manage a few photos and a release while the guys yelled, “Come on, throw it in the bushes!”

Thought you might like to see the original photo and the Tonic teaser I turned it into.

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