Yellowdog Flyfishing Adventures Releases New Catalogue/Magazine

Our friends at Yellowdog Flyfishing Adventures in Bozeman, Montana just cranked out their new catalogue and I got a sneak peak in Denver earlier this month, right off the press. Talk about a good smell—I’ve always loved the smell of  fresh ink on paper and the idea that something big has taken place, a chunk of life or history—or at the very least a major effort—wrapped into some pages to become an actual object. And that’s what Yellowdog has done with this catalogue—it’s a business tool for sure, but it’s also a place for you and I to dream about places we may never visit and to visit some places we’ve only dreamed about. In addition there are a variety of interesting stories woven between the lodge reviews, including articles titled, Ten Secrets for A Great Trip; Feeding Big Tarpon, by Stu Apte, Recommended Family Vacations; Ten Best Fishing Drinks of All Time; Tips for Selective Trout by Senor John Hudgens; The Perfect Steak by Rooster Levens; etc. If you want a copy of this catalogue/magazine your can order one, for free, from Yellowdog. Visit To view an e-version of the catalogue go to

Here’s the full press release: BOZEMAN, MONTANA (1/25/12) — Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures, a Bozeman, Montana-based fly fishing travel company and one of the largest booking agents in the industry, is pleased to announce the release of their new 2012 trip planning catalog and destination resource guide.

The new guide is the biggest, most detailed, and most informative publication that Yellow Dog has ever released. It includes profiles of Yellow Dog’s domestic and international lodge offerings, as well as new articles from Stu Apte, John Hudgens, Dan “Rooster” Leavens, Jim Klug, Ian Davis, and others. The new publication also includes a wide variety of travel advice, trip planning information, hundreds of destination photos and several travel stories. “This is far and away the biggest project we’ve ever assembled,” said Ian Davis, co-owner of Yellow Dog and the company’s Director of Saltwater Programs. “We really feel that this is one publication that people are going to read cover to cover and ultimately hold on to for the future!”

Copies of the new full-color, 68-page “magazine-style” guide will be mailed out to all past and present Yellow Dog clients. Copies are also being distributed at all of the Fly Fishing Shows currently in progress around the country, as well as several other regional fly fishing and consumer shows taking place in 2012. A hard copy of the new guide can be ordered for no charge by visiting the Yellow Dog website.

The new destination guide can also be viewed online in a Flipbook format, and can be downloaded to an iPad, tablet, laptop or smartphone.

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