Bull Trout on the Skagit

You only need a minute and forty-six seconds to take a lungful of air and refresh your late Monday attitude. This short is from Travis Lowe, our Canadian brother who owns Cinema Digital Production. I’ve fished the Skagit, where these images were taken, in the Washington state portion of the river. And I’ve taken some really nice dollies/bull trout. This film is shot in the Canadian portion of the Skagit, upstream from Ross Dam, an easy one-day in and out for Vancouver area anglers. Hey, there are steelhead about and that’s probably what you want to focus on this time of year, but these bull trout are pretty sick, too, native fish that eat well. And you won’t find as many people pursuing them so you can pretty much have the water to yourself. Thanks to Lowe for his permission to run this clip. He keeps sending ‘em and we’ll keep posting them. Let him know what you think.

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