If You Grew Up In The Northwest: Classic Beer Commercial

If you grew up in the Northwest in the 1970s this commercial is probably part of your childhood experience. And if you grew up in Seattle, you know that town kind of went to hell when the old neon red Rainier sign, located right next to I-5, was replaced with the glowing green Tully’s Coffee sign. Some things in life aren’t right, but Rainier nailed it when they produced this classic beer commercial. Grab some buds this weekend? No way, fella’. Grab some tallboy Rainier cans and enjoy.

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4 Responses to If You Grew Up In The Northwest: Classic Beer Commercial

  1. Greg says:

    That was a sad day when the sign came down. At least you are doing what you can (along with the carefully placed Rainier cans in the shotgunning poster) to keep the spirit of a not yet bygone era alive.
    GT in Switzerland

  2. jason wyll says:

    i have refused to drink tulleys since the day they took the R down. should have
    been protected as land mark. damn shame!

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