Smith River Float Applications Due Today

A little late is better than nothing right? Ok, if you plan to float central Montana’s Smith River this year you have to have your application postmarked or completed online today.

Why bother? Because the Smith River provides the most unique float-fishing option in the Lower Forty-Eight, giving anglers 65 miles of gorgeous river to fish between two access points, the Camp Baker put-in and the Eden Bridge take-out. Between those points there is no public access and very little private access. There are gorgeous, trout saturated miles of river that flow between towering and colorful limestone cliffs. In that water are brown trout, and some rainbows, that range between 12 and 24 inches with a solid average being 14 to 16 inches. Managers limit traffic on the river to nine float trips a day. Anglers stay at designated camping sites that are as unique as the river.

Below, I’ve provided you with a visual treat from a float I took down the Smith two or three years ago. Here’s a link for details on the application process:

Best float in the lower forty-eight in my opinion. Unrivaled scenery and great trout fishing, provided water conditions are solid when you launch.


Robert Eddins, owner of Ro Drift Boats in Bozeman, Mont., and a hero of mine is seen here chillin' on a five day trip down the Smith.



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