Quartz Creek Fish Barrier Will Be Built

As reported earlier this year on Angler’s Tonic, The National Park Service was considering completion of a fish barrier on Quartz Creek in Glacier National Park to protect west-slope cutthroat trout and bull trout. In today’s Missoulian newspaper, it was announced that the project was signed off on and will move toward completion. See the Missoulian story below.

WEST GLACIER – Glacier National Park is going to remove a barrier to fish on one side of the park, and finish building one on the other side.

Park officials announced Monday that environmental analyses and reviews of both projects have been completed, and National Park Service intermountain regional director John Wessels has signed off on both.

On the west side of the Continental Divide in the vicinity of Polebridge, officials will move to complete a fish barrier on Quartz Creek in an effort to protect one of Glacier’s last remaining strongholds for bull trout.

The barrier was already under construction in 2005 when non-native and predacious READ MORE

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One Response to Quartz Creek Fish Barrier Will Be Built

  1. Nick says:

    Not sure if the fish barrier will help the Bull trout! Haven’t we proved that in with all the dams and diversions in Idaho, and other areas! Bull trout need long and very large free rivers!

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