Alaska Image: Resurrection Bay

One of the coolest things we saw in Alaska was during a cruise with Kenai Fjords Tours. The girls and I were on the boat for nine hours and saw a ton of wildlife. I’ll do a full post on the tour later, but I wanted to share this image with you now. These are humpback whales and they are bubble-feeding, which is a hunting tactic that hasn’t been observed in the bay for many years. Biologists theorize that female humpback is teaching younger humpbacks to use this tactic, which surrounds herring and other food in a bubble net and drives them to the surface where the whales plow out of the water at once, with mouths agape, eating massive amounts of protein in a single gulp. Quite amazing to see and I’m glad that Myka and Tate were there to witness. Hope you enjoy the shot.


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