Bass in Western Montana

All right, so this isn’t the B.A.S.S. circuit. But this is pretty cool, given a week on week off schedule with my daughters and no friends who fish bass at all. Trout guys. For sure.

So I talked a bud to take his seven year old out with my seven year old and four year old, to switch off and fish a little and paddle around and talk to the girls in pink inflatables. I took the latter directive first and failed miserably. My bud trolled, trolled for bass and caught 11 in a half hour while I watched three young ones jumping off the dock. Serious. Serious. He hauled in 11 bass and two yellow perch… trolling.

So then he takes the girls toward the dock and I hook into something substantial and I say, “Tate , here you go.” She reels this beat in and I say to my friend, D-Sum, “That is a good bass anywhere.”

Well readership, compadres, what do you think? Is that a good bass? Is that kindaof amazing for a Montana pond that I had no knowledge of or are those bass everywhere? I seriously don’t know.  I’m a warmwater novice. Would love to know what you think. Thanks in advance for any replies.

That's three happy girls and a baldpate.


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  1. JACK BROWN says:

    GREG that is a good bass. now is the time to catch them herein PA. also smallmouth bass in the rivers.

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