Cocktails at the Fairmont, San Francisco

Going through tax info this past week and found this receipt from San Fran, when I was there attending a Canada gathering and figuring out where I would visit this year.

The thing is, this is a tab for two, and my pal that night is set up for a trip to the Gaspe Peninsula with me in less than a month. Having a few drinks, however, in San Fran is a little different from having a few drinks when you are on one of the most important and fortunate angling trips of your life. I’m sure we’ll be feeling fine in the evenings, especially if we can land a few Atlantic salmon (hell, one would be fine with me), but I also imagine we’ll keep it in check and take advantage of our wonderful opportunity. Countdown has officially began. Thought all of you would get a laugh at this one and maybe even recall some great nights in your life when the food to beer/liquor percentage was similar to this. Make sure to find the name of our server on the receipt. Ironic, isn’t it?

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  1. fitz says:

    Gaspe, huh? Right on. I’ve only been once, for a week, and got into it with two of the most important and astounding fish of my fishing life. Got to touch one, my some miracle, and the other savaged me.

    Both on public water. I couldn’t believe it. Sitting here thinking about it again… I still can’t believe it. I loved everything about it. The water is incredible, the etiquette was great.

    Those chrome, chrome fish just hovering in the water, totally fickle and moody and then they just explode. I can’t stand it.

    They totally live up to the reputation. Have a great trip.

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