God’s Going to Cut You Down

Just showed the girls the vid from yesterday, Yellow Ledbetter. Wanted them to see the concentration and the art coming into the music. They liked it. They liked it. And I assured them if they want to do something in a similar tact they can do it. They CAN do it. But they weren’t as impressed with YB as I thought they might be. What they really wanted to hear was Hack Mack Johnson, and a song that we played repeatedly from a time of pain in our lives.
So, I played it. And then I said, “Let’s check out the video.” And we did and this is what we found and it led us down a Labor Day weekend of musical diversion. I think this is a song, whether you tune it in from Hack Mack or J Cash, that’s worth having along on your next road trip to steelhead country, or trout country, or bonefish turf or anywhere else you might go. Powerful, again. Hope you like.
We liked it, which led me to another and another. Enjoy. And tell me which is your favorite and why. Or do you just think this is an old man past his prime, poaching off the younger talent? Personally, I love this and respect the dedication to craft throughout one’s life. Would love to hear your thoughts. gt

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5 Responses to God’s Going to Cut You Down

  1. geoff says:

    A moving message for all of us humble humans. Remember to forgive yourself for the pain you create and others that you thought created pain for you.

  2. geoff says:

    I think that Johnny was an artist that never let rust gather on his boots, was always searching, experimenting and never afraid to screw up or fail. Was he poaching? My opinion: F%$K no.

  3. Laura Munson says:

    “Hurt” is gutting. Gave me chills. Living legend. Thanks for the virtual road trip, Greg.

  4. warren says:

    Hurt ends the movie Columbiana. Worth watching.

    • Greg Thomas says:

      MR. Sly,
      I’ll check it out. Great song isn’t it? Solid weekend with you guys. Your cooking, believe it or not, was about the highlight for me. That’s saying something when comparing it to catching those 30 inch ‘bows. Thanks again. You are one cool dude. gt

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