While I’m on the brag about my father rant (see the Society of Animal Artists award post below) I thought I should let you know that Fred was selected to paint the Washington Waterfowl stamp for 2012. The scene is of black brant, likely pictured in the mind of my father along the Puget Sound shoreline between Edmonds and Richmond Beach. That’s where he and I used to walk and check out all the shorebirds and waterfowl, including those brant. Anyone who’s interested in a limited edition print of this painting should contact Fred direct. Visit his Web site and reach him from there. Contact Fred HERE

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  1. Karl Churchwell says:

    I am interested in purchasing a print of the 2012 Washington State waterfowl print. Let me know the details on ordering one. Thanks in advance.

    Karl Chruchwell

    • Greg Thomas says:

      You are looking for my father’s Washington State waterfowl print. You can contact Fred Thomas directly at fwthomasart@hotmail.com
      I’ll also pass along your contact information to him. I have that print, plus a remarque of a brant decoy hanging on my wall. A Christmas gift from Fred. Loving it. Thanks for the inquiry. greg

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