How to Keep Your Polarized Sunglasses Clean

Poached this story from my friends, Kent and Louis, at the Web site, Gink & Gasoline. I’m always struggling to keep my glasses clean, especially at this time of year extending on through winter and into late spring when each day could bring rain, hail, sleet, full on snow. I haven’t tried the wipes they discuss here, but it sounds like they would be the ticket to carry with and use when the weather is blowing or a fish sends the spray your way on release. Give it a read and don’t hesitate to check out the whole Gink site. Good stuff there. GT

My polarized sunglasses are a critical piece of equipment in my fly fishing and guiding. I depend on them for keeping my vision clear and crisp, so I can untangle knots quickly, spot fish effectively and make precise presentations on the water. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m constantly having to clean the lens on my sunglasses on and off the water to keep them functioning at their highest level. In the past, I’ve depended primarily on using micro-fiber cloths to clean my polarized sunglasses. These micro-fiber cloths work pretty well, but after a while, they get packed full of dirt and grime and start losing their effectiveness. I’ve got some micro-fiber cloths now that really don’t clean all that well, even after I’ve taken the time to wash them. Plus, I’m always trying to find a place to stow them in a safe place that’s free of dirt and dust, like a zip-lock bag.

Recently, my parents turned me onto Zeiss Lens Cleaning Wipes. You can purchase them at your local Walmart or Pharmacy (Rite-Aid or CVS), from $3-10 depending on the size of the box. I’ve fallen in love with these individually wrapped pre-moistened lens cleaning wipes, that are safe to use on your sunglasses, camera lens and electronics. It takes just a few seconds to unwrap one of these pre-moistened wipes, and do a quick once over on the gear you need cleaned. Almost instantly, it dries 100%, leaving you with a super clean surface that looks brand new. These days, before I head out for a day on the water, I quickly clean my polarized sunglasses with them, and then throw three or four more in my shirt or jacket pocket in case I need them. If you fish in saltwater, you’ve probably noticed that when you get water on your sunglasses and they dry, there’s a salty residue left behind on the lens. This situation can be a real pain in the butt to deal with on the water, but you’ll no longer have to worry about it with these cleaning wipes. Give these affordable wipes a try and I’m confident you’ll be adding them to your packing list of must-haves for your next fly fishing or outdoor adventure. Furthermore, they’ll extend the life of your micro-fiber cloths.

Keep it Reel,

Kent Klewein

Gink & Gasoline
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