Pacific Lamprey? I Did Not Know

I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest almost my entire life and I either forgot about Pacific lamprey eels or I never knew about them in the first place. I’m always on the hunt for information on waters and fish and fisheries and this article and video caught my eye. Something new and different  for me to check out one day. Check this out, see what you think.

From Wild Pacific Northwest

You’ve probably heard that salmon populations are threatened by dams, river channelization, and poor water quality. But you might not realize that these human disturbances have also devastated the Pacific Lamprey (Entosphenus tridentatus).

What the heck is a lamprey?

Lamprey are not eels, despite the superficial resemblance. In fact, lamprey are barely even fish. They are primitive, jawless vertebrates. Some species, including our Pacific Lamprey, are parasites that use their sucker-like mouths to attach to their fish hosts.

This behavior has given lamprey a bad reputation. Unlike the relatively charismatic salmon, lamprey  READ MORE

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One Response to Pacific Lamprey? I Did Not Know

  1. Martin says:

    As the man said “shame on us” for yet again, dropping the ball and putting our own selfish wants before our fellow inhabitants.

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