Tube Fly Tyers Unite—New Vice Just For You

I have not used this vice, but the press release came across my bow yesterday and I thought you steelhead and salmon guys might like to be aware. I haven’t tied tube flies, but I’ve used a few and some guides swear by them. I don’t like the way the tube runs down the leader when you land a fish and lift it for a photo. Looks odd to me. But you can’t deny that tube flies work. So here you go, you make the call. This could be a sweet tool if you’re into tubes. —GT

HMH, the leader in precision made full rotary fly tying vises, tube fly vises and tools is excited to announce the new HMH Universal Tube Fly Method Kit.

The HMH Universal Tube Fly Method is an easy to use, universal system of interchangeable tubes and accessories that lets you tie any style of floating or sinking tube fly for any fresh or saltwater game fish.

We’ve even included a DVD in the kit. This DVD will de-mystify tube flies, explain how and why tube flies work, and teach the fundamental tube fly tying techniques you need to tie any tube pattern.

The HMH Universal Tube Fly Method Kit includes:

*  The HMH Starter Tube Fly Tool that fits ANY vise
*  DVD with easy step by step instructions
*  Two Stainless Steel Pins
*  HMH Copper and Aluminum Tubes
*  HMH Hybrid Plastic Tubing
*  HMH Rigid Plastic Tubes
*  HMH Poly Plastic Tubes
*  HMH Micro Tubing
*  HMH Hook Holder Tubing
*  HMH Coneheads
HMH item #11101
MSRP $44.95 – a substantial saving over buying the contents of this kit individually
Ask for the HMH Universal Tube Fly Method Kit at your local fly shop or visit
Please see attached for the entire HMH tube lineup…
HMH Vises
14 Main St. Box 18
Brunswick, ME 04011
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