NCAA Tournament Bracket 2013—the winning picks

It’s that time of year and though I haven’t watched as much basketball this year as in past years, I still have a pretty good sense of who has a legitimate shot at the title.

I don’t put as much stock in the conference tournaments as I do in the regular season, although a team that gets hot at the end of the year and performs well in their conference tourney is a team to be watched closely. That’s why in my bracket Wisconsin makes the championship game. They are hot right now, they have great size and good point guard play and that can take them a long way. Georgetown is my other pick for the final because they play great defense and they can score when needed.  I also like Indiana and they make the final four in my bracket, very narrowly by defeating Miami, which is another team that could make it to the championship game. Truth is, I wouldn’t be surprised if Indiana or Miami beat Georgetown to get into the title game. But you can only pick two, so it’s Wisconsin versus Georgetown in the final with Georgetown’s defense taking over. Georgetown will be this year’s champion . . . I think.

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11 Responses to NCAA Tournament Bracket 2013—the winning picks

  1. D-summ says:

    Rubbish, pure rubbish. It’s apparent you haven’t watched much basketball this year with picks like those.

  2. GT says:

    Damn. Davidson had it. My big upset of a 14 versus a 3 was in the bag. Up by 5 with 15 seconds left and they lose.

  3. Greg Topf says:


    • Greg Thomas says:

      Well, I went 11 and 5 for the first day. Not great, but I had Davidson and they should have won that game. I’d also been so close to picking Harvard. I had a feeling about that game but couldn’t pull the trigger. Let’s see, Ducks versus St. Louis. I’ll take St. Louis.

      • Greg Topf says:

        That is a fine day 1 record. With the parity this year, I am hoping for more upsets. Especially against STL. Viva. Los. Ducks.

  4. Jim Nave says:

    Go CAL, screw UNLV

  5. Jim Nave says:

    Go Ole Miss!!

  6. D-summ says:

    Wisconsin? Oops.

  7. Jim Nave says:

    I’m going to love it when San Diego beats Georgetown.

  8. Jim Nave says:

    There goes Kansas. Gotta love these upsets.

  9. Trigs says:

    GT, first year we were apparently to damn busy to share picks over telephone, or brews. Crazy games so far. My 4 still in. Zags over Indiana in final. Hope we can watch some games together. Later bro…

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