For Sale: Loomis NRX 13′ 8/9-weight 4-piece Spey Rod

I just posted this rod on Craigslist, but I thought I would give all of you a quick heads-up, too. I’ve thrown this lightly so it’s almost brand new. I’ve got some more rods coming to test so I have to make room. This is a great stick for steelhead and
salmon on all the Pacific Northwest waters. Going to the Dean? Headed to Alaska West? Fishing the Clack or Deschutes with Hickman? Going full on adventure to Haida Gwaii? This rod will take care of you know matter where you show up to throw Intruders and Pick-yer-Pockets. PRICE: $650 plus shipping, which beats what I could find on eBay by $400-plus. Open the post for more pics.

Here are some pics.

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One Response to For Sale: Loomis NRX 13′ 8/9-weight 4-piece Spey Rod

  1. john downey says:

    Is the rod still available ?

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