Image of the Weekend

Yea, I used just a tad of post production on this one. Still, thought you might like to see.

The girls caught this one and I said, if you are going to keep it we are eating it tonight. They said, “Yea, we’ll eat that.” I filleted it to the best of my ability, rinsed it, rolled it in a little olive oil, then put it in a zip-lok with Progresso Italian seasoning crumbs, and a few extra spices, then shook it up and fried it in olive oil, with a splash of soy to give it a beautiful brown hue. Girls ate it like candy and I felt like it was a good bass farm to fork lesson. We’ll give the bass a break for a while, but we had a blast with them while it was on.

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  1. Travis says:

    Sweet Greg!! Great to teach em eating (or using) what they catch (or keep) ! And you can never go wrong with anything cooked in olive oil. My grandma taught me (after bringing home speckled trout on s. padre) to cook all fish with paprika, pepper, garlic, and salt (I use way less salt than she did). Happy eatin!

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