SHOUT OUT TO READERS: Tonic hits 500 posts

Just passed the 500 post mark for Angler’s Tonic. Thanks to all of you who follow and have supported the site. You keep reading, and I’ll keep writing. Over time I’ve learned a lot about you; you don’t comment much on books, but you’re pretty lively about drinks. You hate farmed salmon and love wild Pacific salmon. Most of you are hard core and would stand all day in a steady mix of rain and snow to catch one good wild steelhead. Some of you have the same feelings as me toward Kate Upton. And most of us share this directive: when the going gets tough, and you haven’t touched a steelhead or salmon all day, and your buddy has brought three to the beach, the best thing to do is sit down, smoke a Backwoods and take one long pull of a big flask. Warms the bones. Changes mentality. Makes all bearable. Makes a difference. Thanks again to all of you for your support.



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3 Responses to SHOUT OUT TO READERS: Tonic hits 500 posts

  1. Malachi says:

    Hey Greg!
    Keep up the good work. I read a lot, and reply very little. But I enjoy seeing new articles from you. Thanks.


  2. Spencer K. says:

    Congrats, Greg! I love your blog and have been a dedicated reader for some time now! Keep ‘em coming my friend.

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