The Monster of Matane

One of my favorite elements of travel is listening to the stories from locals, about their little patches of earth. Last week I was in Quebec and the discussions ran the gamut between fishing, hunting, girls, guides, economies, pickup trucks, and food.

Hunting in Quebec is big so I asked a lot of questions about moose. One story caught my ear, that being a tale about the Monster of  Matane. Apparently a legit hunter shot a giant, legendary moose, but the guides didn’t track the animal properly and told the hunter he’d either missed the beast or issued a non-fatal shot. Later, knowing better, a guide returned to the area and claimed the animal. As you’ll read in the following article from the Globe and Mail, the hunter issued a lawsuit and I believe he has won the antlers back. In my opinion it’s too bad the government didn’t put some special restriction on this animal to allow his genes to spread as far and wide as possible. But in the end, the hunter did what any of us would. Interesting story here.

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