Hard Core For Alaska King Salmon

I’ve been discussing the merits or lack thereof in writing about how difficult steelheading can be. The question is whether I’m painting an accurate picture of steelheading or not, as steelheading can be pretty relaxing during the summer months, especially during years of good returns. And I usually write about toughing it out for a fish or two, all with numb fingers and frozen toes.

So, I decided to forget about steelhead momentarily and focus on king salmon. And I thought I would share this fun set of images with you, taken on what I can only call a hard-core trip to the tip of the Alaska Peninsula. We cruised down the coast of the Bering Sea for 40 miles before finding camp, all secured by a single strand of electric wire. While staying there I saw 34 coastal grizzlies in six days. But they never crossed that fence, thank god.

Anyway, fishing can be hardcore and the only thing missing from this set of pictures is the sound. It was crazy loud with wind gusting to 60 mpg and waves crashing at my back. Good fun, however. If you have interest in this trip, check out this Web site http://nelsonlagoonadventures.com/

And here’s a link to my story, which ran in Fly Rod and Reel a year or two ago. Here you go:¬†http://www.flyrodreel.com/node/19300


Trying to keep a king from swimming out of the Steelhead River and into the jaws of a seal.



If that rod ‘aint busting right now it ‘aint bustin’ ever.














Not the biggest I’ve ever caught, but this one is memorable. It was just crazy out there. Wildest place I’ve ever been.

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