How To Save A Soaking Wet Smart Phone

These smart phones aren’t cheap and now that we’re all addicted to instantaneous contact, they are a crutch. What to do if we can’t talk to whomever we want to, via text, e-mail or an actual phone call (remember those?) the moment we want to? How to find a liquor store in a pinch, just before closing? How on earth to find a fly shop? Yes, we are all weaker than we used to be but I have to admit, these little tools are pretty cool.

So, with our lives revolving around water we have it a bit more difficult than most. All it takes is one slip on a rock and we’re in the drink with those little computers in our pockets. Or maybe we don’t notice that, in an all day coastal drizzle, our pockets have filled with water and moistened our phones. Or what happens when one falls out of our dry pockets and lands in the bottom of a drift boat, not to be noticed until the next good fish and the cry, “Oh shit where’s my phone?”

As a demographic, we anglers are just as likely to soak our phones as anyone so I thought you would want to know some salvage procedures for when the time comes. And, oh yea, eventually, it’s coming.

I ran across this article on Wired and thought I would share it with you. Good tactics for when you and/or your phone takes a dunk in the drink.

From It fell in the toilet. The clumsy waitress knocked a glass of water onto it. You forgot it was in your pocket when you jumped into the pool. That’s just a few of the hundreds of ways your phone could come into life-threatening contact with liquid. When it happens to you (and it will), as soon as you’re done freaking out, you’ll probably begin frantically tapping all the buttons, blowing on it, or blasting it with a hair dryer to quickly get rid of all that water.

While those are all well-meaning actions, guess what? Totally the wrong approach. Here’s what you should do.


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4 Responses to How To Save A Soaking Wet Smart Phone

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  2. Travis says:

    Thanks Greg. It’s always a bummer but the last phone I lost to river water was a deep wade for a gorgeous steelie! So totally worth it!

  3. Tsiutoo says:

    Among our crew of guys who scramble around the backcountry pursuing fish in SE Alaska with our fly rods, it is considered high pussydom to bring your damn smartphone on a fishing trip.

    Although it has nothing to do with destroying a phone to wetness, the act at least has a side benefit.

    • Greg Thomas says:

      I hear you brother. I hate it when people are on the thing when they should be concentrating on the experience. However, those little things take some pretty sweet shots these days and you don’t necessarily take one to the water to call or check your e-mail. You take one with you to capture the experience. That’s why the post makes sense. Have a great spring and summer in SE, my old stomping grounds. GT

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