Is It OK To Kill Fish For The Record Book?

Tim Mahaffey, Heidi Nute

Tim Mahaffey, Heidi Nute

Captain Tim Mahaffey, left, and Heidi Nute, right, pose with a 152.8-pound tarpon that Nute caught Feb. 8, 2014, on 16-pound-test fly tippet in Everglades National Park. The huge catch was approved Tuesday, April 21, as an International Game Fish Association world record for women’s 16-pound-tippet fly. It’s also the largest IGFA-certified tarpon caught on fly by a female. Nute lives in Islamorada, Florida Keys. (Photo by Matthew Hunsinger)

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One Response to Tim Mahaffey, Heidi Nute

  1. pete sheskier says:

    i thought it was illegal to kill these fish since sometime in the 1980′s.

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