You Write The Caption

Ok, think of the possibilities here. Let’s see what all of you can come up with as a caption for this image, which was taken on the Kanektok River in western Alaska, just upstream from the native village of Quinhagak. That boy on the boy is spey guru Dec Hogan. The man on the sandbar is yours truly. Send your words in via Comments.

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9 Responses to You Write The Caption

  1. C says:

    “I hate u Jack Daniels, but God damnit I respect u.”

  2. This is a picture taken right as two fishermen hit a sandbar going too fast in their boat. The fist man flew forwards off the bow and landed on the sand bar while the second can be seen colliding with the front of the boat. Both men survived the crash with a few cuts and bruises. The photographer hasn’t stopped laughing in two weeks.

  3. BIG John says:

    looks like the captain and Roddy fishing Alaska Alaska…lol

  4. Malachi says:

    “The king(s) worked these peasants a little too hard. A revolt is being planned at the time of this writing.”

    • Greg Thomas says:

      Wish it had been so! Pretty slow week on the Kanektok. But we did manage a 25-pounder, lost a giant, and caught a few jacks. Flossed a sockeye and found some rainbows on the Arolik. Good week, all in all.

  5. Fred Telleen says:

    Man must wait for time and tide.

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