Montana Flood Stage

Things are a little dicey out there right now with water over the banks on many streams. This is a shot of Rattlesnake Creek outside of Missoula. The Clark Fork is straight mud right now and the Bitterroot is in and out of flood stage. The Blackfoot? Mud, too. If you’re going to throw a line this weekend you may want to try the upper ends of feeder creeks. If you do, however, be super safe. This is the time of year when one misplaced step might cost your life. The tailwater streams, such as the Missouri, Madison and Bighorn are fishing right now, too. Lakes are an excellent choice right now and the fishing is good. Be ready to match damsels soon, but most of the action is underneath with scuds, leeches and crayfish patterns. Blackfeet Reservation lakes. Browns Lake. Clark Canyon. Georgetown. Some good stuff to be had.

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