Black Butte Copper Mine Threatens Montana’s Smith River

Saw this in The Missoulian today and figured many of you care for the Smith River and have probably floated it and if not you definitely should. The Smith offers possibly the best multi-day fishing float in the West and the scenery is almost indescribable with colorful limestone walls rising hundreds of feet, straight out of the river. Often, anglers catch browns by bouncing streamers or hoppers off these walls for fish that are tucked under the cliffs. They dart out and crush flies when the opportunity allows. Here’s the story.

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS — Two weeks ago, 40 boaters mingled in the muted morning light at the Camp Baker Fishing Access Site, waiting for Montana State Parks ranger Colin Cooney to clear them for the 59-mile trip down the Smith River State Park and River Corridor. With miles of otherwise inaccessible wild waters bounded by picturesque cliffs and little development, the Smith River continues to grow in popularity as a READ MORE


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