Wyoming’s Red Desert Mule Deer Migration

Most of us don’t only fish. Many of us hunt and simply enjoy wildlife, too. I definitely fall into that lot and I found this video to be pretty interesting. Check it out. Mule deer migration out of Wyoming’s Red Desert.

Mule Deer Migration from Joe Riis Photography on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to Wyoming’s Red Desert Mule Deer Migration

  1. Tobin says:

    this migration was one of the big reasons that the PXP leases were bought out in the Hoback area of the Wyoming Range. It is an incredible area of migration and habitat not only for mule deer, but antelope, elk and moose. the use of GPS technology for tracking ungulates is having a major impact on what we know about migration and herd interaction. Lot’s of what we confidently thought we knew about wildlife movements in the past decades is not holding up to the maps we are developing with GPS. Good stuff!

  2. Travis says:

    Coolest video I’ve seen in a LONG time. Thanks Greg.

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