Oregon’s Lower Deschutes River Steelhead Need Help

My friend Dave Moskowitz is sending a shout out for funding, with all dollars going straight to the protection of Oregon’s fabled Deschutes River. And not just any stretch of the Deschutes, but the Deschutes’ best section, the lower 50 miles. If you have not fished this section you need to get on the horn and set up a trip with Jeff Hickman at Fish The Swing. He’ll get you onto some great fish here and the scenery is amazing. This is truly one of the best fly fishing destinations you’ll ever visit and the fact that you can find steelhead here is the bonus. Anyway, here’s Dave’s plea. Give him some help if you could.Hello Fishing Friends and Friends of the Deschutes, I need your help and support for the lower Deschutes River!

Any of you who have fished or boated on the Deschutes in the past three years have witnessed changes to the river which cannot be ignored. The clear water of late spring and summer has become turbid. Algae that was not present just four years ago now blankets the river bottom in many reaches. The timing and density of many important aquatic insect hatches have changed – some dramatically for the worse.

As you know, I was part of a small group of concerned anglers who formed the Deschutes River Alliance. The DRA will focus solely and entirely on the health of the lower 100 miles of the Deschutes River. No other organization brings the expertise and focus to the lower river that we do!

The DRA has put together a scientific program through the collaboration of biologists, hydrologists, water quality scientists, and other interested parties. The plan is designed to determine the nature of the changes in the lower Deschutes River, to pinpoint the source of those changes, and fix them.

Dave Moscowitz is dedicating much of his life too preserve the lower Deschutes River and its steelhead fishery. Give him the help he needs if you can.

To accomplish this, the DRA needs your financial help now.

I know I have asked you to support many organizations over the years. This time it is particularly personal for me – it is about the river we love - our home river. It is about now, right now – this next few months.

Early money is the hardest and the most important.

The first 100 donors who give $1000 or more become a member in our Founding Circle campaign.  I joined the Circle though it was hard for me to afford. But I decided there was no way I could NOT afford to contribute at this level. You can also join the Founding Circle if you contribute monthly for the remaining 6 months of 2014 at $165. Please think hard about joining me in the Founding Circle.

What matters now is that the Deschutes River needs everyone who loves her to help in our quest to find and fix the causes of the water quality decline. Consider a monthly contribution of any amount to join our Sustaining Donor Fund and provide assistance year-round.

Please call me, visit our web site, read our Science Work Plan, and learn about what we’ve learned in just the past year.

Please join me in becoming part of the Deschutes solution with your generous tax deductible donation. You may contribute through our website or mail a check to the address below.

You have my sincere appreciation for your consideration of my request.

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