Deschutes Steelhead Turns On

Got some reports of late from Oregon’s legendary Deschutes, and although fishing can be hit or miss any day of the season, right now there are plenty of hits being had.

One friend said he fished the mouth recently and in one evening he and a buddy had 19 fish come to the fly. My friend had 11 to his; they either swirled on it or missed or eat. He hooked up on eight of those and landed three. After the experience he said, “I will probably not catch a steelhead again.”

So, this is all to say that if you’ve been thinking about steelhead and the in particular the Deschutes, it might be time to scurry that way. Why wouldn’t you?

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2 Responses to Deschutes Steelhead Turns On

  1. paraleptophlebia says:

    thanks for that report. as if the deschutes wasnt crowded enough. how bout a report on how well the O.P. fishes in march?

    • Greg Thomas says:

      What, do you think they ought to have closed the door the day you walked through so that nobody else could take part in the experience and you could have it all to yourself?

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