Getting My Manitoba Moose

In late September I got back from one of the most epic adventures of my life, a moose hunt in northern Manitoba. I’ve wanted to hunt moose for most of my life and just couldn’t draw a tag in Montana and I can’t really afford the $13,000 price tag that a  trip to Alaska or the Yukon would require. So when the offer came in to hunt out of Ken Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge I threw all-in.

I can’t divulge the whole story here, but I’ll keep you posted on where the full story appears, and I can say this: moose hunting is addicting. I want to go again, or at least be with other people hunting moose. They are beasts and during September they are in the rut, searching for cows and trying to beat up anything else that moves. I shot mine at 25 yards while wondering if he might charge. He was blowing through his nose and grunting at me. Anyway, I have three years of good eating in my freezer and I’m stoked to have shot a bull with nice antlers to remind me of a great experience. What I’d prefer not to do again? Drive 2,990 miles, front door to front door, by myself.

If you are at all interested in hunting moose and filling your freezer with the healthiest and tastiest of  meats, you should consider a trip to Ganglers. It’s far cheaper than a foray to Alaska or the Yukon and success rates at this camp range past 80 percent and in 2014 Gangler’s moose hunters went 19 for 21 with 12 of those carrying 50″ or better spreads. You likely won’t see a ton of moose while hunting in northern Manitoba, but you’ll probably see one or more good ones, which means a bull with a 45 to 55-inch spread and a body that might weigh 1,500 pounds. Gangler flies moose hunters to remote lakes where they stay in tents or small cabins. Hunters cruise those lakes in a skiff and get out at likely looking spots to call. High adventure in the north woods. Book soon as 2015 spots, I imagine, are going to fill quickly. Enjoy the pics and post a comment on your moose hunting experiences. For more info on Manitoba hunting and fishing visit Hunt/FishManitoba.

Strap that to your back and pack it!

That was a satisfied feeling, cruising back to camp with four moose quarters and peripheral meat, the hide and head, and a bunch of backstrap.

Everything about a moose is big. Here’s my daughter inspecting the heart.

Oh what nice hooves you have.

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2 Responses to Getting My Manitoba Moose

  1. Congrats! I’m happy for you!

    I’ll trade a smidgen of your moose’s straight 2 1/2″ hair for a batch of my best salmon fly pattern if you’re so inclined and have some to spare…

    • Greg Thomas says:

      Sounds like a deal, although the girls might ask why the moose hide I’m giving them for Christmas is missing that little patch of hair. Hope you are well and that the fishing is strong.

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