Mountain Biking and Fly Fishing—The best of both worlds

Minus the parts showing these guys carrying their bikes through deadfall and pushing them up steep grades, this video shows my two loves—mountain biking and fishing. That all of the footage occurs in the high mountains, Utah’s Uinta’s to be exact, makes it that much better. Thought all of you would enjoy a four minute diversion and an opportunity to consider where you could do the same thing. I have three killer mountain bike/fly fishing options within an hour drive of me, but they’re a little fragile to mention here. Got any favorites you want to share? I’d love to hear from you and get some more rides scheduled into my spring, summer and fall fishing schedule. GT

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2 Responses to Mountain Biking and Fly Fishing—The best of both worlds

  1. Mountainhippie says:

    Not exactly sure where these guys are at but about 90% of the Uinta’s and all of the interior part of the range is Designated Wilderness and therefore off- limits to mountainbikes. This sucks by the way as sheepherders are allowed to graze herds of sheep deep in the wilderness while bikes are banned but oh well, cool video just the same. I know the Wolverine ATV trail is at the base of the North Slope and is legal so I’m sure they kept it legit but I wouldn’t want people getting the impression that they can mountainbike a substantial portion of the range.
    The Provo Brothers put out some cool stuff and Porter is a mountainbiking icon who has been instrumental in the development of the Canyons Bike Park. Good stuff

    • Greg Thomas says:

      Thanks a lot for adding that. Yes, we deal with the wilderness designation here in Missoula, too. To my knowledge people adhere to the policy, even though most of us lament it. Yellowstone, too. Wish we could access some of those trails. Think of the fishing opps. Hopefully these guys were above board in putting this together. I don’t know them personally, but I love the piece they produced. Thanks again for the heads-up.

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