You Write The Caption—5

Anaconda Settling Ponds. Such a nice ring to it, right? As beautiful as the Hoh, Deschutes, Stinking, and Popo Agie. River names. Lake names. Got to love them.

This shot was taken at the Settling Ponds in near Anaconda, Montana one summer day when we thought the Callibaetis might come off but all we got was wind. Big-time wind. It puts a guy in a bad mood to be blown off the water after driving two hours to get there. So when some other angler got lippy and I noticed he’d stolen my wading boots . . . Ok, have fun with this one. Now write that caption.

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2 Responses to You Write The Caption—5

  1. Jim Murphy says:

    Holy Triploids, Batman! If I’d known we’d still be fighting crime on our day off, I’d have worn my costume.

  2. Greg Thomas says:

    Day off? I was working.

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