Antique Rod Holder

Was digging around in the house yesterday and came across this, an antique rod holder for travel by car. Sure, it’s not as high-tech as what we see today (i.e. Titan Rod Valuts), but this was probably a savior to those in the day. Definitely a Norman McClane vintage piece. Wondering if any of you collect antique tackle or know people who do. Thought I’d get an estimate on what this might be worth. Might have to roll to the river with it once this summer, just to see if anyone notices and says anything. The cover of the box is awesome: Pilfer-Proof and Burglar-Proof!

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4 Responses to Antique Rod Holder

  1. Glenn S. says:


    You can try Steve Ellis at the Fishermen’s Spot in Van Nuys, CA. It’s my local fly shop, and I know he is very involved in buying and selling antique fishing gear.

    (818) 785-7306


  2. Joey alcazar says:

    Do you still have the pole holders. If so please contact me

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