Fishing Trip Gone Alberta Landscape

I can’t ignore landscape. I’m even impressed when driving through the “holes” that other people can’t stand, including eastern Washington, eastern Montana, all of North Dakota, and southern Manitoba. All beautiful in my eyes, as long as you use your eyes to pick out the particulars of each place.

That’s what I was doing in Alberta this past week, searching for trout but watching that amazing landscape roll by. It’s been 20 years since I’ve been in Alberta and I’d forgotten how amazing that place is. We admired the spectacular mountains from the distant grasslands and then watched them disappear when major storms rolled in.

I love fishing for trout, but I think I’ll head to Alberta again, soon, maybe as early as next week, with a priority on the camera, and not the fly rod, to really document one of the most spectacular and beautiful places on earth. Here are a few images to enjoy. Next time, shutterbugs, I’ll use the tripod. —GT

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3 Responses to Fishing Trip Gone Alberta Landscape

  1. Todd says:

    The pictures are amazing!
    It must have been stunning; you didn’t even mention the fish!

    • Greg Thomas says:

      I’ll get to the fish. It was a wild trip, weather-wise and lots of fun but the scenery was the most impressive thing. Just lots of open country with massive vistas, all begging for tripod, the right light and more time.

  2. william says:

    I live in the Applachian Mtns. of East TN; but am a big fan of Canada and the American West; great images.

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