Giant ‘bows, big bulls on Field & Stream’s Hook Shots

I started working with Joe Cermele and Hook Shots earlier this summer and you really should get over to FB Hook Shots to check it out. I have two videos placed on Hook Shots, one of some big rainbows being taken on tiny Tricos, and the other focussing on bull trout in Narnia. You’ll see. Both of the links are listed below. Check it out and let me know what you think. Teaser image for you, below. Think 20+ inch ‘bows on 18 dries.



One in the net.

One long fish on a #18 dry.

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One Response to Giant ‘bows, big bulls on Field & Stream’s Hook Shots

  1. Josh Rosenberger says:

    Hey Greg,
    After reading your Backcountry Bull Trout photo essay in F&S (now deleted after my friend Orion asked you about it–hey, not my idea; I told him I had it figured out!), I did a ton of research (Idaho Fish & Game reports, Google Earth searches, etc.) and figured it out, which our trip back in July and now your video have both confirmed. I know those spots, and I’ll do everything I can to keep it between the fraternity of friends (four of us) that experienced it. This is a great video, and I love seeing those runs again (especially camphole–one of the best ever!). But I can’t help but think that some guy out there is going to be like me and do his research! Especially with awesome videos like this one, which is even better than the 2007 photo essay. I’m in town, so let me know if you want to chat sometime.

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