Quick Turnaround at North 40 Outfitters

I’ve been a little delinquent with Tonic over the past year or so, but I’m making a new effort to keep you abreast of my observations in the West and beyond. Part of my new commitment is having the time to do so, that arriving with a departure from North 40 Outfitters on June 18, just a day short of a year of having been hired on with the Great Falls, Montana-based company.

Make no mistake: North 40 is a player in fly-fishing and a rock in the PNW. You’ll need to check out their stores and pay attention to their online sales, which can be terrific, especially on flies. I’m hoping to continue work with North 40 on a freelance basis and we’ll see how that pans
out in the future. You can go to North40flyshop.com to check out my work there, which included a couple significant digital publications. Lots of good PNW info in those books.

Without going into detail, the past  12 months have been trying, and my fishing and hunting time has dwindled. I aim to change that and bring you along for the ride.

Last night was the first night since June that you could say a light sweatshirt was needed after dark. So, there’s a chill in the air. That means fall is near. The best time of the year. Late summer hatches will begin. Elk will bugle. I’ve already slung one arrow at a buck antelope, and I’m sure to be out thee again soon trying to fill that tag. I’ll have the SLR and Go Pro in hand as much as possible. Stay tuned.


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