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Skeena Steelhead Returns Dip

If you’re a steelheader you dream about British Columbia’s Skeena River system and all the great opportunities that exist there. Unfortunately, fewer steelhead have returned to the system this year, but that doesn’t mean you should cancel plans to visit. … Continue reading

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Fly Fishing’s Show Season and Three Great Trips for 2015

When you’re in the fly-fishing business winter isn’t called winter, it’s called “Show Season.” Between December and April most lodges and guide services hit at least one or two shows and some of them hit many more, ranging from New … Continue reading

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Getting My Manitoba Moose

In late September I got back from one of the most epic adventures of my life, a moose hunt in northern Manitoba. I’ve wanted to hunt moose for most of my life and just couldn’t draw a tag in Montana … Continue reading

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Alberta, Canada Bans Commercial Fishing

I think this piece is particularly interesting since we have commercial fishing going on at Flathead Lake in Montana, and it serves the same market as Alberta did. This is probably good news for the folks at Mountain Lake Fisheries … Continue reading

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Anglers Banned From British Columbia’s Skeena River

The news isn’t good out of British Columbia as a recent court ruling gave the Gitxsan Treaty Society the ability to do whatever they want with pieces of land along the Skeena River, which is one of the best places … Continue reading

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Angler’s Tonic Visits Hawk Lake Lodge, Ontario . . . for walleye and bass

Just spent five days at Hawk Lake Lodge in northwestern Ontario, trying to figure out how to catch walleye on the fly, and spending the rest of the time slamming smallmouth on poppers. In the evenings it was all fun … Continue reading

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Northern Embridge’s Pipeline and Oil Tankers Spell Doom to Northern British Columbia

This proposed pipeline is a disaster. It’s not a matter of if, it’s when. This company, Northern Embridge, has a history of mishaps and they are not even thinking that a disaster wouldn’t happen. They are just judging that the … Continue reading

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GASPE PENINSULA WRAP-UP: A week in Atlantic salmon heaven

I had friends telling me all summer to not set myself up for the anadromous appocolypse, that being the mistake of expecting salmon or steelhead, or any other fish that runs from the sea to freshwater, to┬ábehave the same from … Continue reading

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DRINK OF THE WEEK: Screech Rum’s Dark & Dirty

You might want to whip up a few drinks with Screech tonight, not because it’s always best to party on a Monday, but because there will be Monday Night Football on TV and because, if you are an Oakland Raiders … Continue reading

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The Monster of Matane

One of my favorite elements of travel is listening to the stories from locals, about their little patches of earth. Last week I was in Quebec and the discussions ran the gamut between fishing, hunting, girls, guides, economies, pickup trucks, … Continue reading

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