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Review: Simms’ Outdry Insulated Glove

I could not pay 80 bucks for a pair of these gloves. These things could come with all the sophistication of Ironman’s right hand and I still couldn’t pay 80 bucks for them. Single father with two mouths to feed, … Continue reading

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Never Be Without Drinking Water: Katadyn’s BeFree Filter

Katadyn BeFree Water Filter 0.6 Liter On two occasions, one being a backcountry day-hike for wilderness cutthroats and the other being a unique situation on

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Review: Cabela’s Guidewear 1/2 Finger Gloves with Coolcore

I got a couple pair of Cabela’s Guidewear 1/2 finger gloves over a year ago and spent all last summer and fall in them. Why? Because owning nasty sun-scorched hands when you hit your 50s and 60s isn’t what I’m … Continue reading

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Yeti’s New “Brick” Bottle Opener

For those of you who have it all, meaning total gearheads like me, you might want to pick up the new Yeti Brick bottle opener which, if you add wheels, can double as a personal defense tank if we ever … Continue reading

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Review: Yeti Rambler Lowball Drink Cups

I’m not one to let a drink sit long, and rarely will a Tonic get warm when I’m on the watch, but these new Yeti Rambler Lowball cups are pretty sweat. I tried them out over the weekend on Montana’s … Continue reading

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Hatch’s $100 Nippers and Simms’ Quick Stash Lanyard . . . until death do us part

The question isn’t whether paying a hundred bucks for a pair of nippers is worth it. The question is how are you not going to lose them after you fork out the dough. Hatch’s nippers come on the heals of … Continue reading

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Patagonia’s New Waders, 2016—designed and endorsed by the Wader Task Force

I had a chance to test Patagonia’s new waders in August while fishing several streams in East Idaho. Patagonia has placed a lot of effort into these waders with the goal of creating the best wader on the planet. They … Continue reading

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Winter Task—Organizing Your Flies

It isn’t exactly the dead of winter here in Montana, and probably not where you live either. Actually, it felt like the dead of winter here for about 10 days, with the thermometer never rising above 30 and

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Patagonia Say’s “Eat This!” Wild salmon and soup that is.

After conquering the outdoor apparel market and providing fly fishers with some of the best wet-weather clothing on the planet, Patagonia and its founder, tenkara junkie Yvon Chouinard, are now on a mission to change the way we eat. Their … Continue reading

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Toyo’s MT (Maximum Traction) Tires and High Country Cutthroats

Sometimes the waters close to home are hardest to reach, often because we just push them aside and say, I can fish it another day, other times because, well, you just can’t get to them. That’s the case with this … Continue reading

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