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Winter Steelhead Oregon-Style

Spent last week in Oregon, enjoying the first big rains since anyone could remember. “If you had been here last week,” the regulars said, “it would have been sunny and 65 degrees.” I thought I’d timed it just right, expecting … Continue reading

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Greg Thomas Speaking at Denver ISE Show

Wanted to let all of you know that I’ll be presenting at the International Sportsman’s Exhibition show in Denver beginning tomorrow. I’ll speak at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, 4:30 p.m. on Friday, and 1:30 p.m. on Saturday. My topic this time … Continue reading

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Throwing Flies for Skagit River Steelhead

Spent the holidays in western Washington, mostly hanging with family. But I did sneak out for a day on the Skagit River, hoping to tempt a hatchery steelhead or an early returning native. I didn’t go it alone and, instead, … Continue reading

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Hard Core For Alaska King Salmon

I’ve been discussing the merits or lack thereof in writing about how difficult steelheading can be. The question is whether I’m painting an accurate picture of steelheading or not, as steelheading can be pretty relaxing during the summer months, especially … Continue reading

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Winter Dreaming . . . for bones and permit

Been organizing the last couple days, first the winter steelhead bag and now the bonefish and permit duffel. While I was organizing flies the sun peaked out and I took a few shots of my loot. Just looking at flies … Continue reading

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Bonefish Observed in Crazy Spawning Behavior

Ran across this e-mail today and thought all of you would enjoy reading it, especially you who have thrown for the bone in the Bahamas and elsewhere. Pretty cool information and it’s kind of crazy to try to picture thousands … Continue reading

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Bonefish and Tarpon Trust’s Belize Flats Trip

About this time of year I start thinking about Caribbean possibilities and this one is particularly intriguing. Fish like crazy and help a great research cause in the process. What’s not to like. Give this a read. Let me know … Continue reading

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Confluence Films’ Waypoints Debuts November 8

Nobody would tell you that Jim Klug doesn’t throw a good party. I’ve been involved in enough of those frays to say, firsthand, that hanging with that boy, the producer at Confluence Films,¬† can be a lot of fun. There’s … Continue reading

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GASPE PENINSULA WRAP-UP: A week in Atlantic salmon heaven

I had friends telling me all summer to not set myself up for the anadromous appocolypse, that being the mistake of expecting salmon or steelhead, or any other fish that runs from the sea to freshwater, to¬†behave the same from … Continue reading

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DRINK OF THE WEEK: Screech Rum’s Dark & Dirty

You might want to whip up a few drinks with Screech tonight, not because it’s always best to party on a Monday, but because there will be Monday Night Football on TV and because, if you are an Oakland Raiders … Continue reading

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