2016 Hunting Wrap

I didn’t get out in the field as often as I wanted this fall, but who ever does, except George Cook. Fortunately, I got to take part in several great hunts, including an archery antelope foray with my girls where we spent the night in the back of my truck under the stars. We were able to make two long stalks on nice antelope bucks, but I couldn’t fling an arrow. Each time the shot was too risky.

A friend of mine was able to take a Continue reading

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The Pacific Northwest’s Most Overlooked Fish

Sea-run cutthroat are mostly overlooked by anglers headed to the coast with the goal of catching steelhead or salmon. And those who ignore them are missing out; sea-runs are beautiful, hard fighting, and they can grow to five pounds. You find them in the saltwater Continue reading

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Bahamas Prime Minister Says He’ll Nix China Fishing Deal

Prime Minister Perry Christie emphatically stated yesterday that the proposed $2.1bn agri-fisheries venture with Chinese investors at the centre of widespread public controversy would never have been approved by his government.
Mr Christie spoke directly to the infamous proposal as he pushed back against claims from the Official Opposition that the government’s bid to establish a select committee to investigate the sale of BTC was a diversion tactic.
“The government of the Bahamas did not agree to any such proposition,” he told the House of Assembly yesterday, “did not consider any such Continue reading

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Killer Video: Alaska’s Angler’s Alibi Lodge

I was doing a little research today and came across this great video from Angler’s Alibi Lodge in Alaska. My question is this: how can a dedicated angler watch this video and not want to pick up the phone and book a trip. Alaska, as many of you know, is a place close to my heart, and the place that I’ve spent a great deal of time (can I ever forgive my parents from moving me from Petersburg, Alaska to Hollywood, California?). Well, the answer Continue reading

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Deja vu: Idaho Fish Kill Mirrors Yellowstone River Woes

A big fish kill on Montana’s Yellowstone River shut down guides and common anglers this summer and it appears that the disease that crushed the Stone’s whitefish population is doing some damage in Idaho, too. Here’s IDF&G’s take on the situation.

Idaho Fish and Game recently received reports of sick and dead whitefish on the South Fork of the Snake River. Biologists surveyed the river to gauge the extent of the kill and which fish are involved. Biologists suspect it’s an outbreak of proliferative kidney disease, or PKD, which is the same pathogen responsible  READ MORE

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Western Montana Pike

I was able to sneak out for a few hours the other day, to ply Montana’s rivers for northern pike, which invaded these systems 20 years ago. To catch pike you have to row past a bunch of trout and in this case they were all rising to small mayflies. Not an easy thing to do. But it paid off in the form of a 13-pound northern coming to hand. The weather calls for sun this weekend, so grab a six or seven-weight rod and some big, white streamers and hit the backwaters if you have time. Clark Fork. Flathead. Bitterroot. Sealey/Clearwater. These rivers all offer good shots at the water wolf. —GT

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Backcountry Opposes Bikes in Wilderness

I like mountain biking almost as much as I enjoy hunting and fishing. And there are times when I really wish I had a mountain bike when I’m doing exactly that in designated wilderness, or when I’m other places where bikes are banned, such as the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park. But there’s something to be said about hiking a trail where you aren’t worried about what’s coming around the corner at Mach III. That’s why I’m not too surprised or upset that today Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, located in Missoula, Montana, has come out against a bill that would allow bikes into designated wilderness areas. If the bill were to win, a lot of wild game Continue reading

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Giant ‘bows, big bulls on Field & Stream’s Hook Shots

I started working with Joe Cermele and Hook Shots earlier this summer and you really should get over to FB Hook Shots to check it out. I have two videos placed on Hook Shots, one of some big rainbows being taken on tiny Tricos, and the other focussing on bull trout in Narnia. You’ll see. Both of Continue reading

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Fall Fly Rod & Reel Cover

Took a great trip to Alberta, Canada in early August and came away with a slew of great images, including this scenic that we selected as Fly Rod & Reel’s 2016 fall cover.

I don’t think you can look at this image and not say, “I’d like to fish there,” and based on my experience north of the border, you do want to fish there. A friend and myself caught scads of cutthroat, a couple bull trout, and some really stunning rainbows. Along the way, as you likely saw in a previous post, I was able to shoot some landscapes. Alberta is big and beautiful for sure. Continue reading

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Yeti’s New “Brick” Bottle Opener

For those of you who have it all, meaning total gearheads like me, you might want to pick up the new Yeti Brick bottle opener which, if you add wheels, can double as a personal defense tank if we ever get invaded. To get one, however, you have to wait until tomorrow, when they officially go on sale.

This thing is solid, overbuilt for sure, but that brings on the possibilities. Constructed of cast stainless steel, and weighing 3/4th Continue reading

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