International Sportsman’s Expo—Thomas and Vokey on Steelhead

Angler’s Tonic and April Vokey in Sacramento.

Wanted all to know that I’m headed for Sacramento and the International Sportsmen’s Exhibition, teaming up with April Vokey to give anglers all they want to know about western steelhead. In addition, I’ll present on overlooked trout in the northern Rockies and I’ll lead a panel discussion on world angling travel—the places to be, the places to avoid, the hottest fish on the planet and the undiscovered species that are begging to be caught by anglers.

But the highlight probably will be speaking about steelhead and sharing pics from British Columbia, Oregon, Washington and Idaho with you, followed by a great discussion and Powerpoint with Vokey. We, too, will describe our favorite steelhead waters and flies. In addition we’ll likely cover our theories on steelhead fly selection and presentation for various conditions, including desperation (which one fly, above all else, would you choose if your life depended on it…). This won’t be stale at all—we’re going to free-ba …  er… We’re going to just roll with it and talk about our experiences on the water, good and bad, humorous and frustrating, and answer all questions that people may have about steelhead.

If you’re not familiar with Vokey understand that she is the real deal, a bad-ass angler from British Columbia who now has your dream job—she’ll be a top guide at Blackwell’s on the Dean River in 2011. Oh yea, she knows how to throw spey and catches more fish than the rest of us. Check out her Web site at

So, I hope some of you can make it to Sacramento. I look forward to meeting all.

Here’s my schedule:

Thursday January 20

2:30 p.m. Western Steelhead, Right Place, Right Time

3:30 Top Steelhead Flies with Greg Thomas and April Vokey

Friday January 21

3:30 Overlooked Trout in the Rockies

Saturday January 22

10:30 Overlooked Trout in the Rockies

11:30 Ask The Experts—Planning Your Fly Fishing Adventures

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