The Reverend Horton Heat

King of Rockabilly

Can’t remember where I was when I first listened to the Heat, but I do remember that an Ex couldn’t stand them, something about The Rev taking out his frustrations on a woman with a lamp post. I never researched the matter. Don’t know if he’s  woman-beater or not. I’m not trying to make a statement with who I listen to. If there’s a message that says “beat your wife” I’m not into it. But I haven’t heard that from The Rev. Instead, I just like the tunes, such as  The Devil’s Chasing Me; Loaded Gun; and Lie Detector.

The Rev is a definite rockabiliy band, part rock, part country, part hick. A great live show. I’ve seen him three times, once in Seattle at the Showbox, once at Key Arena, and once in Missoula, outside, at Buck’s Club. Love the lyrics to some of his songs, hate some others. The Devil’s Chasing Me offers this sweet ramble: He’s got a red and black tuxedo, he’s got a hellhound driving limousine/He’s got a fire breathing demon driver who is life satanic fiend/He’s got a black goatee and javelina teeth and a rattlesnake on his sleeve/He’s got pointy red boots with diamond studs/And a smile made to deceive
and this from Loaded Gun

My right hand holds a cold Corona bottle/My left hand holds a half a fifth of Gin/My right arm reaches out for her love only/But my left still embraces a life of sin

We had ourselves the sweetest little family/We laughed and sang and had a lot of fun/ But I drowned it in a sea of stinging whiskey/And now the only little love that’s left is a loaded gun

My right hand holds a vile of tranquilizers/My left hand holds a loaded .38/I’ve got a young girl who’s anticipating romance/But it’s looking like she will have to wait

Ok, not mainstream and maybe too edgy for some. But  other Heat songs are pure fun, no drama, a nice mix when you are cruising to or from the stream. If I had to choose a single Heat album to start with I’d get The Full Custom Gospel Sounds. With that you get The Devil’s Chasing Me; 400 Bucks; Livin’ On The Edge of Houston; Beer 30; Big Little Baby; Bales of Cocaine; Loaded Gun; Nurture My Pig; and Gin and Tonic Blues.

I’m telling you, that is a sweet set for the cruise.

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