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Yeti’s Book of Tarpon

Don’t wait for that invincibility to wear off. Don’t wait for your health to go. Don’t think for a second that everything is going to be all right. At times it won’t be alright. You know now, more than ever, … Continue reading

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About Salt

Honestly, some days I don’t care if I catch another trout in what’s left of my lifetime. I’d rather row, let someone else do the dirty work. I say that, however, knowing how my eyes and brain process a rising … Continue reading

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Mandatory Reading: A Passion for Permit

The first thing to behold when clutching this new two-volume set called A Passion for Permit is the sheer volume of work: combined, these two oversize and hard-bound books, which weigh about five thousand pounds each, total 1,665 pages. In … Continue reading

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Bahamas Prime Minister Says He’ll Nix China Fishing Deal

Prime Minister Perry Christie emphatically stated yesterday that the proposed $2.1bn agri-fisheries venture with Chinese investors at the centre of widespread public controversy would never have been approved by his government. Mr Christie spoke directly to the infamous proposal as … Continue reading

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Tagged Tarpon Travels 450 Miles in a Month

I’m always following The Bonefish And Tarpon Trust’s efforts to save habitat and some of our favorite fish through research and outreach. And this recent info is pretty fascinating. Read on to learn what a 45 pound tarpon, caught and … Continue reading

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Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Calls For Habitat Info

Anyone who fishes for tarpon should be interested in a Bonefish & Tarpon Trust program that seeks info on juvenile tarpon habitat and, logically, the protection of those critical areas. Why? Because if we don’t have juvenile tarpon we won’t … Continue reading

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Mahi on Flying Fish

This video is well worth watching, especially if you’ve chased these awesome fish, sometimes called mahi mahi, other times dolphin, other times dorado. I used to fish these in the Florida Keys every late spring and early summer and our … Continue reading

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Bair’s Lodge for Big Winter Bonefish

This January, Bair’s Lodge is teaming with The Bonefish & Tarpon Trust for 4 days of catching, tagging, and releasing a goal of 1,000 bonefish in the name of good fun and critical saltwater science. Target big winter bones

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Mexico with Smith Optics, for dorado

Ok, the thought of visiting Mexico is not so appealing when it’s 90-some degrees in Montana today, but this video should get  you fired up to book early for late fall and winter. That’s when you’ll want to get out … Continue reading

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Buy Simms Saltwater Flats Boots

I’ve used these in Belize for a week and not much else. I would say they are in great shape and would serve well on the flats, anywhere from the Bahamas to Belize, Cuba if you’re Canadian or willing to … Continue reading

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